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Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Use the following Keyboard combination to execute the command. These keyboard shortcuts work on most Windows Applications. To save the current document -S To open a new document -O Undo the last thing you did -Z or – Undo the last undo -Y To select the entire document -A To delete the selection and move […]


This comprehensive directory of free utilities/software offers downloads directly from the vendors. Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe® Reader® is free software that allows everyone from business professionals to home users to easily and reliably view, print, and search PDF files using a variety of platforms and devices. Divx CODEC DivX® for Windows is a free codec […]

Say It With Fewer Words

by Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPA You’ve got a great, major presentation, and suddenly you’re asked if you can get your message across in five minutes! Don’t panic. For today’s television generation, sound bites can be more powerful than lengthy dissertations. Here’s how to compress your speech without losing impact. 1. Don’t apologize or mention that […]

Build Emotional Connection Through Eye Contact

by Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE Eye contact is an important way to emotionally connect with your audience of any size. Here are some ideas to help you: 1. Generally speaking, the longer the eye contact between two people, the greater the intimacy is developed. In a business, sales and speech situation, look at members of […]

Customer Service Is Everybody’s Job

 by Patrica Fripp Everyone in your organization must know how vitally important customer service is in your business. Good customer service starts with good training of your employees. Here are a few suggestions to help your organization keep your customers beaming and eager to come back for more. 1. Sell your company to your employees. […]

PowerPoint Guidelines and Tips

To ensure that your information can be read from the back and sides of the room, use a font size of 18 point or larger and avoid curved or rotated text. Remember that full page charts or graphs, particularly when they are imported from software or scanned, are very difficult to read from the back […]